The Killer-doll Film Gets a 21st-century Update With “M3GAN”


She’s a killer doll made for a time when kids give up their toys for screens earlier than ever before, while adults like Gemma (Allison Williams) keep their own toys as “collectibles” on a shelf.

Williams, who played Marnie on Girls in My Heart (forever), may not look like the kind of person who collects toys as an adult, but she is very convincing as a woman who doesn’t know what to do with a child.

Gemma can programme the doll to do things that are important to her, like make sure Cady rides on a roller coaster. This is how M3GAN is different from the remake of Child’s Play, which it is otherwise like: The working single mother in that movie was struggling to make ends meet and take care of her lonely child.

Gemma, on the other hand, is both financially stable and emotionally cold; it’s a great joke that an actual robot would be a better friend to Cady than Gemma. The most risky thing the movie does is show M3GAN, Gemma, and even Cady as possible monsters. The movie is more funny in a satirical way than it is scary.

Cady is a young girl who gets too attached to her favourite toy. Even before the movie came out, memes about it were everywhere. If the movie didn’t make fun of its ideas about screen time, they would seem old-fashioned.

The doll is most like a toy, even though it is dangerous, in the way it acts like a person. Cooper, Johnstone, and Wan don’t go into the weirder implications of this. There’s a moment when the doll seems determined to force Gemma into an uneasy partnership, but a big laugh puts an end to that.

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