‘The Voice’s’ Bodie Explains Why Blake Shelton Hasn’t Seen a Singer Like Him Before on the Show


Before Bodie sang Halsey’s “Without Me” in the top 8 semifinals, Blake Shelton said that Bodie is “really teaching” him new things. Blake said that his contestant knows what he is looking for. After the live show, Bodie told HollywoodLife that Blake had said nice things about him.

“Wow. We don’t look at our bundle before a show. I turned my head to listen because the studio is quiet. “Wow,” I thought. I’m trying to forget that he said that to me at the end of my song.

That’s great. I think I get him excited because I want to make things weirder and turn them around so they work for me. That was crazy since he probably didn’t see that on the show.” What a crazy thing to say, “Bodie said.

After he sang on his own, the 29-year-old singer sang “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston with Brayden Lape. Bodie told how this wonderful song was made.

We’re very happy. “When we first heard the song, we were told a different story,” Bodie said. We liked how lively, stripped-down, and folky it was. Then, when we got inside, the band had a different plan than what had been planned. We saw what they had.

We were kind of like, “This is fine, but could we get a little more energy?” Added drums. So, in the end, it was kind of a group effort. It was cool that the band had a good plan for it before we joined.

The top four singers for the season 22 finale will be shown on a live show on December 6. Bodie talked about how getting to the finale and maybe winning The Voice will change him as a musician.

Bodie also said, “I feel very supported by my fans, both new and old.” “That’s the most important part. Second, it would give me a chance to show my kids what I can do and inspire them by doing what I love.

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