What Happened to the Real Marie Antoinette?


Before Meghan Markle, there was Marie Antoinette, another royal whose reputation was hurt and who was used. She became one of the most hated people in France during the French Revolution.

Pamphlets and the news told people that she was a mean, cunning foreigner who had gotten into the French court. Her bad name has been talked about in fascinating ways for decades.

Even now, we often remember her mostly as a royal diva who said, “Let them eat cake,” in response to the hunger of her people. Many have been fascinated by the story of France’s last queen, who was killed by Madame Guillotine in 1793, and have tried to capture her essence.

Kirsten Dunst’s performance in Sofia Coppola’s cult film from 2006 is probably the most well-known. Now, a new series written by Deborah Davis, who wrote The Favourite, will try to bring the last mistress of Versailles to life in a whole new way and improve her reputation.

What Happened to the Real Marie Antoinette?

Emilia Schüle plays the party-loving queen in the first season, which starts on BBC2 in December. Louis Cunningham plays her husband, King Louis XVI.

Davis said that the series would show the young Queen as a “teenage rebel trying to impose her vision on Versailles” who, in her first few years at the French court, “emerges as Queen of the Zeitgeist.”

Davis said of her, “She is a living example of our values of personal freedom, individuality, equality, and self-determination.” “However, her very modern traits and her strong desire to live the life she wanted made it easy for her enemies to undermine her and, in the end, destroy her.”

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