Why M3GAN is So Popular?


I watch a lot of scary movies. I grew up watching them, like all of the Halloween movies, as soon as I was old enough. I can count all of the horrible deaths in movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Horror comedies make me laugh so hard, and movies like Saw make me scream so hard. Even if a horror movie is bad, I can usually find something to like about it. But then I saw M3GAN, and now I’m not sure what I’m talking about. I don’t like how much people like this movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes, both critics (who gave it a score of 95%) and audiences (who gave it a score of 78%) loved it. There are still people who don’t like this movie, but I don’t understand how it has done so well. I don’t understand. I have to talk about it today.

I Know M3GAN Isn’t Scary, but It’s Not Funny Either

In this piece, I’ll admit that I like horror movies that aren’t too scary. I also like scary comedies. Many fans bought into the idea that M3GAN was a horror comedy after the first trailer.

When I saw the movie for the first time with movie fans and critics, they laughed a lot, which showed that M3GAN was more funny than scary. I understand. Okay. I like frightening movies like that.

It isn’t funny either. Strangely placed scenes in the movie didn’t make me laugh. The scene where M3GAN chases the kid through the woods looked much better in the teaser, where I laughed at her funny running.

But the way the scene was shown in the movie was strange. Based on how the audience responded, the filmmakers and cast have put a lot of weight on the idea that this movie is a parody, but this scene didn’t look like it was meant to be that way from the start. Even though it seemed important, everyone laughed. Bad flow.

I Have No Idea Why People Are So Taken With M3GAN

The Satire and Campiness Are Entertaining, but the Film Relies Far Too Heavily on Them

I recently said that the Scream franchise is the best horror series for many reasons. One reason was that it still surprised people and made fun of the horror genre. There was some horror movie tropes in the movie, like the girl dying in the first few minutes and the last girl.

M3GAN used the same satire tricks too often. I could talk about a child who loses both of her parents and is given to a new guardian, or I could talk about a scary doll like Chucky or Annabelle that comes to life.

In the last fight, Cady and Gemma worked together to beat the robot, which was a spoof on the relationships in these movies. It didn’t feel as real as the fight between Sydney and Ghostface in Scream.

Maybe I’m putting too much thought into it, but I had to say it.

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Aside From Gemma and Cady, the Characters Are Mediocre

The characters in this movie are not at all interesting. The cast of M3GAN did well. They did their part. I can’t remember the names of any of the other characters, but Allison Williams and Violet McGraw were great.

Even though the movie is mostly about Cady and Gemma, I wanted to care about the other people. I only know Gemma’s friends, the old lady who lives next door, and her very annoying boss. M3GAN’s victim’s name escapes me.

That’s the thing: to make someone care about a person’s death, you have to show them enough, but in M3GAN, I didn’t get to know anyone or their personalities very well, so their deaths didn’t have as much of an effect on me.

I remember Laurie’s Halloween friends and Dani’s Midsommar friends, but this movie didn’t make me care about anyone. Maybe I had too high of hopes for a PG-13 doll movie, but everyone has their tastes.

However, if you liked M3GAN, invite your friends to view it. hoping for one without any ratings.

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