Will Smith Talks About Rihanna’s Reaction to ‘Emancipation’ After She Saw the Star-Studded Screening of ‘Epic’


Rihanna gave Will Smith a glowing review for his most recent film!

The actor, 54, revealed the music superstar’s reaction to his film after attending a private showing with some of his other star-studded group of friends in October while walking the red carpet for Emancipation earlier this week.

Smith told That “Rihanna adored the cinematography.” “She couldn’t get over how the film looked and felt.”

The Aladdin star went on to say that he got a decent idea of what his other pals who attended the screening, including Dave Chappelle, Tyler Perry, A$AP Rocky, and Kenya Barris, thought of the film.

“The thing about Black people is that they talk to the screen the entire time, so you don’t have to solicit people’s opinions,” he quipped to the site. “I didn’t have to ask anyone in the room for their opinion.”

In late October, Smith posted photographs from the screening on Instagram, including a group shot of the A-listers after the film. He said in the caption, “AMAZING NIGHT!! Thank you for attending #Emancipation. I hope you loved it!!”

Barris also commended the film in the comments area, writing, “This night was MAGIC and your movie is definitely something that will last forever!”

According to IMDB, Emancipation is set during the American Civil War and follows a guy named Peter, played by Smith, who escapes slavery and embarks on a search for freedom from plantation owners who nearly kill him.

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Smith’s first picture since slapping Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars in March, which resulted in his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a 10-year ban from attending its ceremonies.

Rihanna und Will Smith: Starten gemeinsame Fashion-TV-Show

Smith apologized to Rock in a video posted to numerous social media sites in July, claiming he had been “out of line” and his “actions were not typical of the guy I want to be.”

“I went out to Chris, and the word I got back was that he’s not ready to talk now, but when he is, he will,” Smith added. “So, Chris, please accept my sincere apologies. My behavior was inappropriate, and I’m available to speak with you anytime you’re ready.”

He also addressed the concept of disappointing followers, saying, “it bothers me mentally and emotionally to know I didn’t live up to people’s picture and impression of me.”

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“I know it was perplexing, I know it was shocking,” he continued, “but I promise you that I am genuinely devoted and committed to bringing light, love, and joy throughout the globe.”

Emancipation is presently playing in select theatres and will be available on Apple TV+ on December 9th.

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