Zoe Saldana Enjoys Having ‘street Cred’ With Her Children Because She is Gamora


Zoe Saldaña admits it. Zen, who is 5, and Bowie and Cy, who are twins and are 8 years old, “are going to grow up to be very attractive nerds.” Zoe, who is 44, told InStyle. Zoe is a “geek” because she has been in Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I see how he’s trying to place me in his mind, like, ‘OK, you’re mama, but you’re also Gamora,'” she said of her youngest. “They’ll watch these movies, and it will be part of what they like and what keeps them thinking.

That makes me cool in the eyes of my kids, which is fun and great. Zoe told InStyle that she and Marco’s kids are beautiful. “Every parent thinks his or her child is beautiful. Maybe that’s what’s going wrong. “Oh my god, you guys are so f-king handsome,” she says.

Zoe said her children resemble her. People who are cool, put-together, and know what to say and everything have always made me feel insecure. She told InStyle, “I’ve always felt shaky around people like that.” I like people who are honest and genuinely interested. I like it when my kids say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Zoe Saldana Enjoys Having 'street Cred' With Her Children Because She is Gamora

Gamora might have a rival in the Saldaa family. Zoe, Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver all play Neytiri in Avatar: The Way of Water. Kate Winslet and Michelle Yeoh are in this follow-up movie.

She said Kate Winslet, her new co-star, was a queen. I’m speechless. She’s great. As soon as you meet her, she gets down and dirty with you, does the job, beats herself up, works harder than everyone else, and expects 120% of herself.”

She adds, “I’ve met so many of my heroes, especially women, and I’ve never really been let down.” Working with Kate Winslet has given me new energy and ideas. I’m taller. I’m too hard on myself, just like every other artist and person. I feel like a fraud, so if she respects me because I worked with her, that’s something I can cross off my list.”

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