Kamala Harris: It’s Your Fault the Media Doesn’t Believe You’re a Strong Leader


The loser is Kamala Harris. The press won’t focus on what the vice president calls “the power of [her] leadership,” so they don’t give her the attention she deserves. OK, you can stop laughing for a minute.

Harris hasn’t made much progress on her main goal, which is to stop people from coming across the border, ostensibly by addressing “root causes” in their home countries, but she seems to think she is an important leader in other areas.

Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post said some strange things about her role at the Munich Security Conference in February, just before Russia attacked Ukraine. The problem is that she didn’t get anything out of it except criticism for saying that Europe has had “peace and security” since the end of World War II.

Harris also wants the press to look into what she did after the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade. What do you have planned? Democrats were angry with the White House for how it handled the ruling.

Kamala It's Your Fault the Media Doesn't Believe You're a Strong Leader

She might think she is a good leader because 12 important people have left her office in less than a year, including her former main spokeswoman Symone Sanders and communications director Ashley Etienne.

When he was said to have called her “a work in progress,” President Biden may have been hinting at her potential. (You shouldn’t bet on it.)

What’s the real story? Her popularity rating has been well below 50% for over 16 months, and it’s not just because of her crazy laughs and never-ending word salads. It’s also because she can’t do anything to change things. On any topic. If that’s what it takes to be a leader, the bar is set very low.

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