Matt Gaetz Says Classified Docs Issue “Feels Like the Democrats Are Taking Out Joe Biden”


Matt Gaetz Says Classified Docs Issue: Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., thinks that Democrats are behind the classified documents scandal involving President Joe Biden because they want to hang the weak president. Gaetz told Fox News Digital on Wednesday, “It seems like the Democrats are going after Joe Biden.”

He said, “I’m not sure that’s true, but I’m also not sure that it’s not.” “However, just as Joe Biden is making up his mind to run for president again, people start looking for classified documents from eight years ago.”

In the past few months, three groups of classified documents from the Obama administration were found on Biden’s property. One group was at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., and the other two were at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

After the first batch was found at the Penn Biden Center by the president’s lawyers in November, just days before the midterm elections, the Justice Department started looking into Biden.

The public didn’t find out about the changes until this month when CBS News broke the story and made the White House answer. Attorney General Merrick Garland started a special counsel investigation after more classified documents from Biden were found at the president’s home in Wilmington.

Gaetz said that nothing is for sure until the documents that were found are shown. “Joe Biden’s lawyer is turning over this information, and Joe Biden’s own Justice Department has hired a special counsel to look into him,” he said.

“Maybe the Democrats have realized that Joe Biden is no longer useful to them, so they’re just going to throw him out and get a younger group of candidates running for president next time.”

Matt Gaetz Says Classified Docs Issue Feels Like the Democrats Are Taking Out Joe Biden

Gaetz was worried that there might be a link between the documents found at the Penn Biden Center and the millions of dollars that Chinese donors who have not been named were said to have given to the University of Pennsylvania, which runs the center.

“We have a lot to find out about what’s in those documents and what they’re about, as well as if they have anything to do with China and were kept at the Biden Center at UPenn, which was paid for by China. That will be a much more important worry “said the member of Congress.

He thought, “What if the papers have something to do with our economy?” “What if Joe Biden was giving his CCP (Chinese Communist Party) backers at the Biden Center for UPenn information that gave China an edge over the U.S.?

This would show a connection between those documents and our economic problems, which are caused by China’s growth. I don’t know because I don’t know what the documents are about, but they don’t seem to have much to do with the quality of life of my constituents if I don’t know what they are about.”

Gaetz says that Americans care more about the state of the economy, and this will continue unless it can be shown that the document’s controversy affects them directly.

“I haven’t been licking my lips over the fact that some papers are in a garage in Delaware,” he said. “You know, I think Americans are more worried about how the government could be used against them than about what Joe Biden put in the glove box of his Corvette.”

“If the documents are about China and are in a repository that is paid for by China, it would be reasonable to think that the scandal is worse and would hurt our country a lot,” he said. “If they are old mementos or documents that are no longer useful, I think that’s a different situation.”

Gaetz had said before on Twitter that the Biden documents “aren’t important to my constituents’ quality of life.” “I guess my opinion would change if the Biden documents were about China since the CCP was paying for the Biden Center,” he said.

The investigation by a special counsel into Biden comes just a few months after a similar one into former President Donald Trump, who kept classified documents at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

In that case, the FBI raided Trump’s property because it thought there were more documents than it had thought before, based on interviews and failed attempts to get Trump to turn them over. Trump says he didn’t do anything wrong.

The White House has stressed that Biden’s case is different because his team worked with the DOJ and National Archives, while Trump’s team refused to give up classified documents

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