Drake Lyrics Discovered in a Memphis Manufacturing Waste Might Cost Up to $20,000


Drake lyrics from when he was younger were found in a trash can near his uncle’s factory in Memphis. TMZ says that the handwritten lyrics were found in the trash when the factory shut down. They are now expected to sell at the Moments In Time auction for about $20,000 (£16,574)

One song’s lyrics say, “We’re in the age of conflict and knowledge, but we’re stuck in this cage of barbed wire and wreckage. We have the freedom to go to college. We have the freedom to indulge and lose ourselves in the process. The law says, ‘You have seen an audience in the race of silence.'”

Drake put out the song “Come Winter” on his mixtape “Room For Improvement” in 2006, and it looks like he has dropped the possible follow-up. Drake, meanwhile, was recently said to have lost $1 million on a bet that Argentina would beat France in the World Cup final in 2022.

A little more than a month after losing $2 million on a UFC bet, the hip-hop artist lost a lot again when France lost to Argentina in a penalty shootout in Qatar on December 18.

Vulture says that the “Hotline Bling” rapper lost because he “bet in a market where extra time isn’t taken into account and the winner is decided by the score after 90 minutes of play.”

Drake Lyrics Discovered in a Memphis Manufacturing Waste Might Cost Up to $20,000

If not, he would have gotten $2.75 million. In November, TMZ said that Drake spent $2 million on the fight between middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira at UFC 281 in New York. However, Pereira won the fight.

If things had turned out differently, the 36-year-old actor would have won $2.9 million. Recently, the multimillionaire has had a lot of bad luck. A week earlier, it came out that the owners of Vogue magazine were suing Drake and his partner 21 Savage for $4 million.

Conde Nast filed a complaint against the artists because, according to the complaint, they used the name of the fashion bible without permission to promote their new album, “Her Loss.”

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