William and Kate Leave After Harry Memoir Assaults Drop Their Popularity


However, a week after the release of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, the popularity of the Prince and Princess of Wales appears to have plummeted.

In his memoir, Harry makes some explosive claims against members of the Royal Family, including that his elder brother, Prince William, physically assaulted him in 2019, causing physical injuries.

According to Ipsos Mori, William’s popularity has dropped by eight percentage points since the publication of his book, Spare, on January 10. According to reports, Harry’s popularity has dropped by seven points.

The brothers’ wives’ ratings have also been revealed. The Princess of Wales has lost seven points, while the Duchess of Sussex has lost five. The Royal Family has gone about their usual royal duties since the release of Spare, seemingly oblivious to the drama unfolding behind the scenes.

The Prince of Wales visited the London headquarters of Depaul UK on Thursday morning, an organization that the late Princess of Wales visited three times in the 1990s as part of her efforts to end the homelessness crisis.

The mission of the organization is to help young people who are homeless or have insecure housing. During his visit, William learned about Depaul UK’s services from the organization’s staff, as well as people the organization is currently assisting and those who have previously received assistance.

William and Kate Leave After Harry Memoir Assaults Drop Their Popularity

The royal family supports homeless charities. The Passage and Centrepoint, to which he pays frequent public and private visits. Kate, the Princess of Wales, appeared upbeat as she hosted a reception for England’s wheelchair rugby league team at Hampton Court Palace.

As she arrived at the Palace, Prince William’s wife was all smiles, seemingly unconcerned about a recent poll that suggested both the Prince and Princess of Wales’ popularity had dropped in the aftermath of the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir.

The Royal Family received 53% positive responses, with the King receiving 51% positive responses. Despite their declining popularity, the Prince and Princess of Wales continue to be the most popular royals.

Almost 70% of people believe Prince William, the next in line to the throne, will be a good ruler. However, it appears that Prince Harry’s book had little impact on the Royal Family’s overall reputation.

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