Rishi Sunak Was Asked by a Minister if He Was ‘joking’ About the Nurse Strike


A minister was asked about the nurse strike, how the NHS is doing, and if Rishi Sunak is “taking the mickey.” It comes after Sunak was quoted as saying he wants the NHS to be there for people when they need it, and as nurses go on strike for the second time in a few days.

Health Minister Will Quince was asked about Sunak’s comments during an interview with Sky News. “Rishi Sunak gave an interesting interview to the Mail this morning. In it, he talks about Sunakism, which is his political philosophy,” said the show’s host, Niall Paterson.

“He says, “The first thing I want to give people is peace of mind.” I think this will make people stop and look at him. “Peace of mind also means knowing that public services like the NHS will be there for you and your family when you need them.

Then he talks about waiting lists. Is Mr. Sunak pulling a fast one?” Quince said, “No, not at all.” If you look at the most recent fall statement, you’ll see that public services were given the most importance.”

When ambulance drivers go on strike on December 21, the minister also told people not to do anything “risky.”

Quince told BBC Breakfast that people should not do anything dangerous on Wednesday, saying, “If people are planning anything dangerous, I would strongly urge them not to do it because there will be trouble on the day.”

“But the most important thing is that people keep calling 999 when they have an emergency or something that could kill them,” Quince said. Later, he said on BBC Radio 4 that people with chest pains on Wednesday should still call 999.

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