The CEO of Miss Universe Dismisses ‘absurd’ Rigging Allegations and Explains Why?


Amy Emmerich, a former leader in the media industry who is now the CEO of the Miss Universe Organization, has responded to claims that this year’s pageant may have been fixed.

R’Bonney Gabriel, a Filipina-American, was named Miss USA on Saturday. She came out on top in the race. Anne Jakrajutatip, the new owner of Miss Universe, was also the owner of the Miss USA competitions, which led to the accusations.

Emmerich makes sure that the claims, which say that Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel is the real winner, are not true. The executive told TMZ the following about the situation: “One of the top four accounting firms in the U.S. handled the results and confirmed the process.”

Even more, Emmerich says that the claims come from a lack of knowledge, saying: “There is no truth to the claim that the Miss Universe contest was fixed.

The CEO of Miss Universe Dismisses 'absurd' Rigging Allegations and Explains Why

People who don’t know much about the history of the two organizations are the ones who say it’s “suspicious” that JKN Global Group runs both Miss Universe and Miss USA.”

Her claims are backed up by the fact that in the past, a single group has been in charge of several different beauty pageants. In 2015, IMG bought the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants.

Emmerich said that R’Bonney Gabriel deserved to win. She ended her speech by saying that R’Bonney Gabriel was a tough and dedicated competitor.

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