What is Nick Kyrgio and Costeen Hatzi Relationship Status?


Nick Kyrgio and Costeen Hatzi Relationship Status: Nick Kyrgios is the best Australian tennis player ever. He has a lot of fans all over the world because of how good he is on the court. People are more interested in Nick Kyrgios’s private dating life, which became official on January 2, 2023 than in his public career.

Nick Kyrgios, who is a tennis player, has been with Costeen Hatzi for a long time. So, without further ado, please tell us more about his Girlfriend, his rock.

Who is Costeen Hatzi?

Sources say that Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is living with her boyfriend Nick Kyrgios in Sydney, Australia. Costeen Hatzi got her Bachelor of Arts in psychological sciences from Australian Catholic University in May 2021.

Costeen Hatzi was born on May 23, 2000, which makes her age twenty-one now. Casteen is a rising star on social media, and Nick Kyrgios, a popular and good-looking International tennis player, is now her boyfriend.

This makes her even more famous. Costeen told Nick Kyrgios on January 2, 2023, that she loves him and that they have been going out for a while.

She even wrote on Instagram about how they met by chance and how they went on their new life journey together. Back in 2022, the couple decided to get an apartment in Sydney where they could live together.

She’s pretty active on social media, and she often posts videos of their home, especially ones that show how they’ve changed it or added to it.

Costeen Hatzi’s Instagram followers went up by 18000 after the news that she was dating. Since she told the truth about who she was dating, she has a great chance to go viral on social media. It’s not easy to get thousands of followers in just a few weeks, so this is a big chance for her.


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Relationship Between Costeen Hatzi and Nick Kyrgio

Before he met Costeen, Nick Kyrgios dated Alja Tomljanovic and Anna Kalinskaya, both of whom were also tennis players. Also, his relationship with Chiara Passeri ended, and he is now in a serious relationship with Costeen Hatzi. This was confirmed when Costeen posted a photo of them together on her Instagram account.

Their love story is pretty interesting because they met when Nick Kyrgios’s girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, had to stay away from him. After all, he had covid-19. So, as dramatic as it sounds, they fought in their hotel in Australia while they were in quarantine.

When their argument got heated, the police were called to calm things down and put them in separate rooms. So, they end up falling in love after the scary event.

After all of this, on January 20, 2022, Nick Kyrgios posted a beautiful picture of a passionate kiss on Costeen’s lips. This made Costeen’s Instagram followers grow a lot.

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